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My name is Phil Labrie, and I've been a digital marketing consultant for 15 years. And through that journey, generated more than 122 million targeted views for my clients.

In a broad range of industries: medical, legal, construction, real estate to video games.  

But enough about me...

How about we talk about you and your business?

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Local Marketing

We can help your business establish a strong local presence which will grow stronger over time and increase the authority of your business as well as your bottom line.

Real Estate Marketing

Take advantage of our network of connections with property portals, social media sites, sales agencies and marketing professionals in more than 50 countries.

Video Games Marketing

Make sure you stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of techniques and technologies that have proven to be successful through the success of our clients.


Advantages For Your Business

Focus On What Works

With 12 years of online marketing experience and by staying constantly informed on new practices our team will focus your marketing efforts only on channels that deliver.

Improve Brand Visibility

We only deal with platforms allowing to reach large targeted audiences along with partners with a positive and efficient track record.

Land More Sales

Improve your overall online conversion and broaden your reach, your business will see a noticeable increase of incoming leads.

Build An Audience

Stop generating followers or leads and leaving them catching dust. Our team makes sure that your online marketing efforts 

grow an audience who are enthusiastic about your business.

Increase Buyers Confidence

The online marketing campaigns we create designed to generate leads, inform potential buyers and increase the perceived authority of your brand. Your sales team will feel the difference. 

Competitive Advantage

Provide a competitive advantage to your business by tapping our experience and network and making sure you stay on top in the minds of your customers.  


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